We released a new PDF book over the weekend; The Twilight Sector Atlas. The idea behind the atlas is to collect all the system and surface maps from both the Twilight and Crescent Sectors and put them in one place. We plan on making this book the gift that keeps on giving, we’ll be updating the book from time to time with new maps that appear in future TSG products. An example would be the upcoming Terra/Sol Sourcebook (name subject to change, throw out any ideas you might have in the comments), we’ll include the great maps of Terra that we’ve been creating for that product as well as one for Athena (Terra’s moon) and I believe we have one for Prometheus as well. So you get the idea, we’ll be updating the book with new system and surface maps for those two sectors.

Check it out at the OneBookShelf family of sites (DriveThru, RPGNow).