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Six Guns Gauss Weapons

Sixguns_promo_cover_220pixels-194x300Six Guns Gauss Weapons by Martin Dougherty $3.99
Six Guns is a science-fiction roleplaying supplement using the Traveller rules. Each issue presents six items (not alwaysweapons) in detail, with accompanying notes and stat blocks. Generic versions of most of these items are presented in various game supplements, but there is a significant difference between aiming ageneric, vanilla-flavour ‘revolver’ at the opposition and pulling out a specific model chosen as much for what it says about you as for its capabilities. Not all of the equipment herein is ‘better’ than the generic versions. Indeed, some items have significant drawbacks or are tailored to a specific purpose and poor for other applications. However, what they all have in common is being more interesting than the basic rulebook version.