We’re about campaigns, hence our motto: “Because the Campaigns the Thing”.

Terra/Sol Games evolved out of a long running RPG campaign.

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Terra/Sol Games evolved out of a long running RPG campaign

Community (Why TSG is what it is)

One of the things I’ve been very lax about is updating this blog.  I’ve been thinking about that and what it means.  First it means I’m throwing away an opportunity to communicate with those people interested in Terra/Sol Games and the Twilight Sector and tell them...

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Apologies and a Kickstarter

First I’d like to offer my apologies for not having posted here in quite a while.  Many of you may know that we’ve been keeping in touch in a number of other ways but for those who are new to Terra/Sol or just discovering us or whatever, I’ve left you with no updates...

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Slice of Life – The Dole

The Dole The Twilight Sector Setting envisions a number of Stellar Nations, each with its own culture and guiding principles.  These give each its own distinct flavor from the centrally planned societies of the Archenar and Oster republics to the organized chaos that...

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Beyond the Open Door PreGens – Diogenes

Diogenes the Cynic or Diogenes of Sinope was an unusual and controversial figure of his time (~400 BC).  He made it his life’s mission to challange societal norms.  It’s unclear what his creators sought to say to the public or impart to their creation by giving this...

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Slice of Life: Living Spaces in the 30th Century

Living Spaces in the 30th Century In this installment of ‘Slice of Life’ we’re going to look at your living space in the Twilight Sector Campaign Setting.  Where do you live?  What does it look like?  What major appliances do you own? First lets give this all some...

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About Us

We’re about campaigns, hence our motto: “Because the Campaigns the Thing”. Terra/Sol Games will strive to bring our customers the best in RPG campaigns. From settings to adventures we will bring to you deep, coherent, ongoing campaigns.


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Six Guns Lasers

All gamers can attest to the difference between having a stock weapon right out of the core rules and something personalized with history and flavor all it's own. Six Guns Lasers by Martin J. Dougherty brings that depth to your table. Featuring beauties like the...

What We Hope To Accomplish with Amalgamated News

Now that Amalgamated News is safely launched and I think clicking right along, we have close to 50 posts so far and at least one every day since we launched, I realized I’ve not really explained what it is that we’re hoping to accomplish with this little project....


I would really like to get some feedback from Gamers on our Amalgamated news site. I think it’s going well but I’d really like to hear what you think. You can comment here or we’ve added a new voice mail feature to our website. Head over to amalgamatednewsservice.com...

Terra/Sol Sales Info – 2013

I made a promise to myself and to any of you who follow Terra/Sol Games that I would attempt to emulate the transparency of the folks over at Evil Hat. One of the ways to do that is to give you sales information. I’ve been quite lax on that so I thought I’d start to...

Amalgamated News Launched

As of Friday, May 24th, 2013 Amalgamated News is live! I’m extremely excited about this as it will provide us a way to make the setting vibrant and living for RPG players everywhere. The site will become a repository for information that will make any GMs job easier...

Additional REsources

A Few Other Resources We’ve Created for Our Customers

Six Days Left for Six Guns!

We’re down to the last Six days of our Kickstarter for Six Guns Lasers (seems apropos doesn’t it ; ). We’ve long since reached our funding goal x4 but there are still good reasons to get on board. We’ve got another ebook for everyone down to the $10 level if we hit...

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Well not really wicked but cool. On May 24th Terra/Sol Games will be launching our most innovative foray into RPG campaign support yet. Our company motto is “Because the Campaign’s the Thing” and we honestly believe that and because we do we have devised a way to...

Twilight Sector Atlas

We released a new PDF book over the weekend; The Twilight Sector Atlas. The idea behind the atlas is to collect all the system and surface maps from both the Twilight and Crescent Sectors and put them in one place. We plan on making this book the gift that keeps on...

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