Well we’ve made it. We’re 4 now. April 29th is the day we here at Terra/Sol officially recognize as our birthday. It’s the day we officially became a legal entity so it’s probably more appropriate than the day we decided to create a company or the day we filed the paperwork. This date we’ve got on a legal document.

Its been a great ride so far. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully I’ll learn a lot more in the years to come. We’ve had some great triumphs and one devastating loss. I’m referring our course to the loss of John Lees our Line Editor this last October. Something that frankly shook me and the other folks associated with Terra/Sol to the core. But our best way to honor John and how far he has brought us is to carry on and strive for even greater heights.

In looking back at some of our other birthday posts I noticed that early on we had provided our sales numbers. I still like the idea of providing that information and us being as transparent as possible to the people who support us. Birthdays are a time for reflection so I think I’ll make a point to update our numbers and post them here soon.

Thank you all for your support over the last 4 years!

Also if you’re looking for a cool Kickstarter, check out our project for Six Guns Lasers and please consider supporting us.