Diogenes the Cynic or Diogenes of Sinope was an unusual and controversial figure of his time (~400 BC).  He made it his life’s mission to challange societal norms.  It’s unclear what his creators sought to say to the public or impart to their creation by giving this Artificial Intelligence the name but in some small way the AI takes after his ancient namesake.  Throughout his short life he has challanged human convention.  The most notable way he has done this is by entering into a relationship with a human woman.  He isn’t the first AI to have done this but it is quite rare and certainly raises a few eyebrows.

The following are Diogenes Mongoose Traveller stats.  They include information on his BioCon and a simple method of playing AIs that we’ve found works quite well for convention play.

Diogenes can be an important driving force behind the adventure as he is one of the possible patrons detailed in the adventure.  He is keen to find out what happened to the human women he was having a relationship with, Amanda Foster.  Besides being the patron that gets the ball rolling in the adventure he makes a great player character.

Strength  Dexterity  Endurance  Intelligence  Education  Social Standing

N/A         N/A                 N/A               13 (+2)           14 (+2)               6

Home world:  Terra

Skills: Admin 1, Awareness 2, Computers 3, Drive (Wheeled) 1, Drive (Grav) 1, Engineer (Maneuver Drive) 1, Engineer (Power) 1, Flyer (Wing) 1, Flyer (Rotor) 1, Investigate 0, Recon 1, Gun Combat (Energy Pistol) 1, Language 3, Mechanic 1, Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Electronics) each at 1, Pilot (Small Spacecraft) 1, Remote Operations 1, Sensors 1, Tactics (Military) 1, Vacc Suit 1, Zero-G 2

Equipment:  Rourke Laser Revolver, Protec suit (armor 4, with Subdurmal Armor total protection is 7), Neural Comm (range 3 km)

Background: An AI named Diogenes has recently lost someone special to him, a human woman with whom he was having an affair. She was abducted at the same time as another man, a former co-worker of hers named Wiley. Diogenes is not well suited to running around in the real world, nor with an investigation of this type, so he seeks help from people better suited than he is to interact with human elements and get his investigation back on track.


Strength  Dexterity  Endurance  Intelligence  Education  Social Standing

12(+2)      10 (+1)          12 (+2)            N/A                N/A                 N/A


Neural Comm (range 3 km), Subdermal Armor (TL11, Armor 3), Enhanced Vision (Cybernetic eyes) act as Binocular/IR/Light Intensifier vision (see Core Rulebook pg 90)

AI Rules:

The BioCon’s onboard computer that houses part of your programming when you are using it has a rating of 24, 16 of that rating is needed to house your basic intellect and personality.  The remainder can be used on a 1 rating point for 1 skill level exchange (or 1 rating point for 2 – 0 level skills if you had any).  That’s the amount of skill points (8) that can be downloaded into your BioCon at any one time.  As long as your host computer has a comm link (basically anywhere on the same continent as long as the signal isn’t being jammed) with your BioCon you can change out skills by first uploading the skill(s) to be replaced (time is one minor action per level) and then downloading a new one(s) (again one minor action per level).

Rourke Weapon Systems ‘Light Cobra’ Laser Revolver

The ‘Light Cobra’ is a weapon intended to appeal to those who want a high-firepower laser handgun without having to carry backpacks around with them. The Light Cobra uses heavy cartridges of the same sort used in laser rifles, though its relatively short barrel limits their performance somewhat. Accuracy is excellent out to 250m (slightly more with the long barrel version) but after this the beam begins to scatter and the weapon’s effectiveness drops off rapidly.


Type: Handgun, Laser, Heavy

Cost: Cr3,000. TL: 13. Mass: 1.4kg. Recoil N/A

Capacity: 6 Shots. Reloading time: 2 rounds per minor action or fully reloaded in 1 minor action with speedloader

Ammunition: Heavy Laser Cartridge. Damage 4d6

Autofire: Not Possible